Baxter Laboratories Wins At The 2023 Self-Care Excellence Awards

At Baxter Laboratories, we know that making the highest quality pharmaceutical products starts with pure and clean air and water, both of which Australia has an abundance of. It is this clean air and water that is used as we develop and manufacture the highest quality products for our customers. Purified water forms the basis of almost every type of pharmaceutical product. Ensuring that only the best and highest quality ingredients are used in our products is of most importance for our company.

But whilst we are focused on improving the quality of the resources that come in, we are equally committed to treating the natural environment well by reducing the volume of waste that is created at our facilities and goes out.

Almost a third of the required electricity at our facility is produced by rooftop solar. As we continue rooftop production and achieve greater energy efficiencies, this ratio will continue to increase, and our waste reduction programs have resulted in recycling more than 50% of our waste streams. We have implemented improvements across multiple departments to reduce cardboard, soft plastics, labelling and pallet waste. As a major manufacturer, we are committed to improving our impact and take it seriously – we are a proud member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) (view or download our Annual Report and Action Plan).

We are grateful to be recognised for these initiatives by Consumer Healthcare Products Australia who awarded Baxter Laboratories the Environmental Sustainability Award at the 2023 Self-Care Excellence Awards on Friday, 3 November at the annual awards ceremony.

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia is the leading industry voice representing the manufacturers and distributors of consumer healthcare products, including nonprescription medicines.

At Baxter Laboratories, we deliver products to our customers that we are proud to make.