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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Baxter Laboratories have a brochure detailing all the formulations and packaging it can offer?

We do not have product brochures however we do have a very diverse range of products and packaging that we can offer to our customers. This is dealt with on a per customer level as we offer our customers tailored service arrangements. Our packaging is sourced locally and from overseas.

Which countries does Baxter Laboratories ship its products to?

We ship our products globally to all countries. Export is a growing area of our business.

What does Baxter Laboratories, not do?

Baxter Laboratories develops and produces products for the future of our customers and that of their brands. We provide a full-service model, which allows our customers to focus on marketing their products and brands. Baxter Laboratories is a complete solution for our customers.

How is the privacy of my company and that of my products regulated by Baxter Laboratories?

Baxter Laboratories has Confidentiality Agreements in place with all its customers. We treat our customers’ privacy as key to our long term partnership. Due to strict confidentiality, we are also not able to provide any details of our customers to any request to do so.

Does Baxter Laboratories enter into any licensing agreements with its formulations?

Yes, we are often approached with regards to licensing arrangements, and review these regularly.

Does Baxter Laboratories have a R&D facility?

Baxter Laboratories provides full R&D facilities and employs educated and experienced formulation chemists and product development specialists with a consistent pipeline of new products.

Who takes care of the TGA requirements?

Baxter Laboratories has an in-house regulatory affairs area who will take care of all TGA requirements, on behalf of our customers

Can Baxter Laboratories develop an innovative formulation exclusive for my brand?

Yes, Baxter Laboratories has developed many exclusive formulations for its clients in the past, for many different countries

Can Baxter Laboratories produce my formulations, with my packaging?

Yes, Baxter Laboratories will produce formulations provided by customers, and will also use customer specified packaging, where technically possible.

What does Baxter Laboratories do?

Baxter Laboratories is an innovator and manufacturer of topical Medicines, Sun Care and Skin Care products.

Baxter Laboratories produces and delivers quality products, on-time and on-budget to our customers. Our Technology Transfer team ensures that all projects, from concept to commercialisation are delivered to our customers, in-line with critical timings requirements and in accordance with specifications and any marketing authorisations and regulatory requirements. We collaborate with our customers in the following areas:

  1. Product Development/R&D
  2. Market Development
  3. Commercial Production,
  4. and Market Launch

Our responsibility is to produce the highest quality products which are cost competitive and are available for launch when our customers require. Using project management tools such as Gaant Charts, we communicate with our customers on a regular basis to ensure that the direction of the project and strategic requirements are always transparent and captured, before final launch on the market.